The missing macOS bluetooth headset battery indicator app.

A screenshot showing the Apple menu item. A screenshot showing the Akku menu item.

Display your headset battery status,
straight from your Mac menu.

Finally, you can view your headset battery directly from your Mac.

Despite this being possible from your Android device (and even your iPhone device!), this was not possible from your Mac.
Until now.

A screenshot showing the Akku menu, containing an example headset and it's battery status

Get a notification when your battery is low.

Don’t you hate it when your battery gets too low for your commute back home? Configure a notification that will show up when your headset battery reaches a set percentage.

A screenshot of a macOS notification titled 'Headset will run out of battery soon', with body 'MOMENTUM M2 AEBT only has 20% battery left.

Currently in Beta.

Akku is still in beta and might not work for your headset.
However, you can try it out and download the beta right now.
Please file a bug report (or even a pull request!) if it does not work for you.